Updates from Steve Jurash, President and CEO of Manufacturing Alliance of Philadelphia

“We are having some success and are now in production with masks and hand sanitizer in relatively significant quantities. Face shields and other vital PPE products are coming online soon. All of these are being produced by companies who never made these products before… that’s very impressive!!
However, we are running into supply chain issues:We have companies who can produce vital (personal protection equipment) PPE products but can’t get supply either because some of those suppliers have been determined to be “non-life sustaining” and are shut down or because the supply chain is broken somewhere along the line. 
We’re working with PMA to collect members that are trying to make supplies essential to the pandemic but can’t because of supply chain issues and get them on a webcam to tell their story. We are collecting voices to try to get the Governor to open the supply-chain gates! We are using Zoom to capture interviews and then our video production staff is going to stitch them together. This will be super powerful. Please email an email Here if you’re interested, have a webcam, a supply problem and we’ll get this project underway. 
MAP will continue to serve its members by staying current on this ever changing situation. Please feel free to contact me by email at stevej@manufacturingonline.org. Stay safe and hang in there. We’ll get through this…together.”

Best regards,
Steve Jurash
MAP President & CEO