Producing PPE for the greater Philadelphia region

CoverAid PHL is a coalition of representatives from hospitals, universities, manufacturers, government and small businesses collaborating on solutions to increase the supply of needed personal protective equipment.

Medical Supplies Production


Are you involved in an effort to produce medical supplies in the greater Philadelphia region (including southern NJ, and DE)?  Share updates on your production and we’ll acknowledge your team here.

CoverAid PHL Fabric Mask v2

The CoverAid PHL Fabric Mask v2 has been designed specifically for factory production in response to large orders from health care organizations. The CoverAid team has engaged regional cutting and sewing companies, and production is underway.


Factory-Sewn Fabric Masks (Ordered)

Sew Face Masks Philadelphia

Volunteers working with Sew Face Masks Philadelphia have been producing a variety of sewn fabric mask designs and delivering them with the help of a volunteer delivery service.


Volunteer-Sewn Fabric Masks

CoverAid PHL Fabric Mask v1

The CoverAid PHL Fabric Mask v1 is an open source initiative to produce fabric face masks for healthcare settings that are currently facing a shortage due to COVID-19. As of April 7, 2020 – 197 volunteers are particpating.


Volunteer-Sewn Fabric Masks

Open Medical Innovation Origami Mask

The Open Medical Innovation Origami Mask is a simple, low-cost mask that fits closely to the contours of the face.  It does not require sewing or any special equipment to produce, and it can be made in a wide variety of materials from sterilization wrap to vacuum cleaning bags.


Origami Masks

Face Shields

NextFab has been producing a version of the Prusa face shield modified to use laser cutting instead of 3D printing for faster production.


Face Shields

Participating Organizations

Who We Are

CoverAid PHL includes hospitals, universities, manufacturers, government, small businesses, and individuals collaborating on solutions for personal protective equipment needs for healthcare.

Our Story

Coming together to form this initiative started as a swift response to protecting our healthcare workers during the overwhelming threat (and lack of supplies) from the Corona Virus Pandemic. But to our surprise, the work and collaboration has also become a positive & productive way to cope and empower it’s organizers during uncertain times

News & Updates

Sewn Mask v1 Design Released

March 27, 2020 19:00 CoverAid PHL Organizers today released official documentation of the Sewn Mask v1, after receiving confirmation of acceptance of the design by several area health care organizations. Volunteers interested in helping produce masks should submit...

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